About Us

“We started pivet with the whole intention of being able to make solutions that actually change the world around us”

Founder: Michael Pratt

Pivet's mission is to create products that look, feel and perform to the highest expected standards, with no compromise to quality or functionality. We spent years developing our proprietary Self-Cycle™ technology to ensure Pivet plastics breakdown in years not generations.

Welcome to Pivet, the point in which something turns.


Making sure that when your Pivet product is responsibly disposed of it won't stick around for generations to come, contributing to a holistic eco-friendly solution that ultimately reduces the burden on our planet's landfill sites.


Our materials have been independently tested by Intertek


In addition to our Self-Cycle™ technology and traditional recycling options, we offer all Pivet customers the option to return their product at the end of its use for free! Where possible, our team and partners will Upcycle all plastics, magnets, and electronic components into our future products.

Corporate Headquarters / Sales Austin, Texas USA | Industrial Design Locations London, UK & Wellington, NZ | Manufacturing, Engineering & Logistics Locations London, UK - Engineering & Shenzhen, China - Manufacturing, TX USA, Los Angeles, CA USA - Logistics