Self-Cycle™ technology

100% Recycled Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

Using 100% recycled TPU in our ZERO and ZERO+ cases offers a multitude of environmental and functional advantages. First and foremost, it significantly reduces the demand for new raw materials, lowering the carbon footprint associated with traditional manufacturing processes. By repurposing discarded TPU materials from the manufacturing of various TPU products, we can reduce plastic waste and minimize the environmental impact of production of our ZERO and ZERO+ cases.

Our recycled TPU maintains the same high level of durability, flexibility, and shock absorption as virgin TPU, ensuring your phone remains well-protected. Embracing recycled TPU in phone cases is a step towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach to accessories production, aligning with our focus on environmental responsibility.

Furthermore Incorporating Self-Cycle™ technology into this recycled TPU not only reduces environmental impact through recycling but also making sure when responsibly disposed of it won't stick around for generations to come, contributing to a holistic eco-friendly solution that ultimately reduces the burden on our planet's landfill sites.