Garret Morgan: Trailblazer of Safety and Technological Progress

Garret Morgan: Trailblazer of Safety and Technological Progress

Garret Morgan’s story begins in the wake of the Civil War, born in Kentucky in 1877 into an era brimming with newfound freedom. His early life, shaped by modest beginnings, was a testament to the universal ambition for betterment and innovation, qualities that Morgan carried throughout his life.


Morgan's inventive journey was marked by groundbreaking creations that have left an indelible mark on society. In 1912, he patented a safety hood and smoke protector (US Patent No. 1,113,675), a precursor to the modern gas mask, which saved countless lives during a tragic Cleveland tunnel explosion in 1916. The device, providing a safer breathing apparatus for firefighters and rescue workers, showcased Morgan's dedication to public safety and his knack for practical problem-solving.


However, it was Morgan's invention of the three-light traffic signal (US Patent No. 1,475,024) in 1923 that revolutionized urban mobility and safety. Before his intervention, chaotic intersections led to frequent accidents, as existing signals failed to provide clear instructions to motorists and pedestrians. Morgan's system introduced the "all hold" interval, drastically reducing accidents and improving the flow of traffic, laying foundational principles for modern traffic control systems still in use today.



While Morgan's journey towards inventing new products that changed the world was undoubtedly an individual endeavor, their impacts to the broader society were immeasurable.  His accomplishments in a time of American history that was rife with racial prejudices set as obstacles against Morgan. Despite these societal barriers, Morgan's innovations transcended racial lines, offering solutions that benefitted all of society. His legacy is a reminder of the transformative power of individual ingenuity, and another bright example of the legacy of contributions the African-American community has made to our exceptional American history.


Today, at Pivet, we are inspired by Morgan's legacy as we develop our Self-Cycle™ technology. Just as Morgan's traffic light system brought order and safety to the chaotic streets of the early 20th century, our technology is ushering in an era of environmental responsibility, that’s good for the planet with no harm to the economy or industry. By creating products that naturally degrade over time, we are addressing the modern chaos of plastic waste, providing clear solutions for a more sustainable world.


Morgan’s life and inventions exemplify the impact one individual's creativity and determination can have on society. In embracing his spirit, Pivet is committed to changing the world for the better, just as Morgan did nearly a century ago. Through innovation and a focus on the greater good, we continue the journey of making the world a safer, cleaner, and more orderly place.


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