who we are

Pivet Communications is a new company with big plans. We’re a multicultural company, with a global background.

Our collective experience enables us to disrupt and pivot the Consumer Electronics industry with new technologies, new products and new ways of doing business.

Our cumulative backgrounds are extensive and span decades in the Consumer Electronics industry.

Our accomplishments before Pivet have been disruptive and industry leading, and our efforts as Pivet will be greater.


our story

/ˈpIvət/ noun …the point in which something turns

When we started Pivet, we searched for a name that represented what our ambitious goals are for this company.  

  • Be Disruptive!

  • Be Compelling!

  • Be Innovative!

We believe that our focus on being a diverse, truly representative company is the foundation for our ambitious goals…to Pivet towards our collective future.

We believe in providing creative and unique products that are best in class for design, innovation and quality…. our Pivet towards our customer.

We believe in being humble and thankful for the opportunity to bring our dreams to life and to be sure we give back to the communities that support us…. our Pivet towards being responsible stewards of the world in which we live.

When you buy our products, your supporting a company that is striving to Pivet towards doing the right thing!  

We would love to hear from you and encourage your feedback! 

Feel free to contact us